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International workshop on
Paralinguistic Speech - between models and data
Friday 3 August 2007
Saarbr├╝cken, Germany

in association with the
16th International Conference on Phonetic Sciences,
Saarbr├╝cken, Germany, 6-10 August 2007

Summary of the call for participation

This workshop is concerned with the general area of paralinguistic speech, and will place special emphasis on attempts to narrow the gap between "models" (usually built making strong simplifying assumptions) and "real data" (usually showing a high degree of complexity).

Papers are invited in a broad range of topics related to paralinguistic speech. Papers can be submitted for oral or poster presentation; acceptance for oral presentation is more likely for papers that explicitly address the general theme of the workshop, i.e. "bridging" issues.

There are at least two different versions of bridging: a weak one and a strong one. The weak, more modest one aims at a better mutual understanding, the strong one at profiting from each other's work. We do not know yet whether after these two days, we really will be able to profit from each other in our own work; however, we do hope that we will have reached a level of mutual understanding that will make future co-operation easier.

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