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  1. Question Types, Languages and Examples:

    Question Type Languages Examples
    When (Asking about Date and Time) English
    When was Barack Obama born?
    Wann wurde Barack Obama geboren?
    Cuando Barack Obama se nace?
    Who (Asking about Persons) English
    Who is Barack Obama?
    Wer ist Barack Obama?
    ¿Quién es Barack Obama?
    Where (Asking about Locations) English
    Where is the Eiffel Tower located?
    Wo befindet sich der Eiffelturm?
    ¿Dónde está la Torre Eiffel, situada?
    Define (Defines any topic, single or multiword) English
    define: DFKI language:en
    define: Backstreet Boys language:es

  2. Syntax: Misspelling not allowed

  3. Search engine parameter : after question string, add 'search:bing|giga|free|wiki' to select search engine (default is search:bing)

  4. Do you like the Answer?: Gives you the chance to give the WebQA2 team a feedback about the answer.
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  5. Some Recently Asked Questions: Lists some recently asked questions that the users liked on the Startpage of WebQA2