German Conference Series MATES on

Multiagent System Technologies

In cooperation with the SIG on Distributed Artificial Intelligence of the German Computer Society GI

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

08:30 - 13:30

MATES Doctoral Consortium

14:00  - 15:00

Session A1. Mechanisms, Negotiation & Game Theory 1
(Session Chair: Jrg P. Mller)

MATES 2014 Welcome

Social Choice Theory as a Foundation for Multiagent Systems
Keynote  -  Ulle Endriss

15:30  -  17:00

Session A2. Mechanisms, Negotiation & Game Theory 2
(Session Chair: Ulle Endriss)

A Boolean Game Based Modeling of Socio-Technical Systems
Nils Bulling

Evaluating Strategies for Penny Auctions using Multi-Agent Systems
Fabian Lorig, Matthias Grf, Steffen Walter and Ingo J. Timm

Robustness Analysis of Negotiation Strategies through Multiagent Learning in Repeated Negotiation Games
Jianye Hao, Siqi Chen, Gerhard Weiss, Ho-Fung Leung and Karl Tuyls

A Negotiation-Based Genetic Framework for Multi-Agent Credit Assignment
Kaveh Pashaei, Fattaneh Taghiyareh and Kambiz Badie

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


opportunity to attend INFORMATIK 2014 talks

13:30  -  15:00

Session B. Multiagent Planning and Control
(Session Chair: Michael Weyrich)

Multi-Agent Systems in Industrial Automation
Keynote  -  Peter Ghner

Orchestrating the Sequential Execution of Tasks by a Heterogeneous set of Asynchronous Mobile Agents
Shashi Shekhar Jha and Shivashankar Nair

A Conceptual Framework of a Decision Support System for Operational Dispatching of Agricultural Bulk Goods - An Agent-based Approach
Jens Mehmann and Frank Teuteberg

15:30  -  17:00

Session C. MAS Engineering
(Session Chair: Ingo J. Timm)

Complexity Measurement of Multi-Agent Systems
Marir Toufik, Farid Mokhati, Hassina Seridi and Zouheyr Tamrabet

Extensible Java EE-based Agent Framework in Clustered Environments
Dejan Mitrovic, Mirjana Ivanovic, Milan Vidakovic and Zoran Budimac

Programming BDI Agents with Pure Java
Alexander Pokahr, Lars Braubach, Christopher Haubeck and Jan Ladiges

Thursday, September 25, 2014

09:00  - 10:00

Session D1. Agents and AI 1 (jointly with KI 2014)
(Session Chair: Carsten Lutz)

Probabilistic Techniques for Mobile Robot Navigation
Keynote “ Wolfram Burgard

10:30 -  12:00

Session D2. Agents and AI 2 (jointly with KI 2014)
(Session Chair: Nils Bulling)

Minimizing Necessary Observations for Nondeterministic Planning 
Robert Mattmüller, Manuela Ortlieb and Erik Wacker

Planning with Numeric Key Performance Indicators over Dynamic Organizations of Intelligent Agents
Florian Pantke, Stefan Edelkamp and Otthein Herzog

Automatic Identification of Human Strategies by Cognitive Agents
Felix Steffenhagen, Rebecca Albrecht, Marco Ragni

Employing Automatic Temporal Abstractions to Accelerate Utile Suffix Memory Algorithm
Erkin Çilden and Faruk Polat

13:30  -  15:00

Session E. Energy / Smart Grid (jointly with Theme Day Energy Informatics)
(Session Chair: Jrg P. Mller)

A Business Process Model for the Reverse Logistics of Used Electric Vehicle Batteries
Benjamin Klr, Sebastian Bruer, Daniel Beverungen

Using multi-attribute combinatorial auctions for resource allocation
Ferran Torrent, Albert Pla and Beatriz Lopez

The Effects of Variation on Solving a Combinatorial Optimization Problem in a Collaborative Multi-Agent System
Christian Hinrichs and Michael Sonnenschein

15:30  -  17:00

Session F. Agent-oriented Modeling and Simulation
(Session Chair: Alexander Pokahr)

AGADE - How individual guidance leads to group behaviour and how this can be simulated
Thomas Farrenkopf, Michael Guckert, Benjamin Hoffmann and Neil Urquhart

A tree-based context model to optimize multiagent simulation
Flavien Balbo, Mahdi Zargayouna and Fabien Badei

Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation of the Emotional and Behavioral Dynamics of Human Civilians during Emergency Situations
Mouna Belhaj, Fahem Kebair and Lamjed Ben Said

MATES 2014 Wrap-Up

ca. 17:00

End of MATES 2014