Annual International Contest S3 on

Semantic Service Selection

Retrieval Performance Evaluation of Matchmakers for Semantic Web Services

How to participate in the S3 contest?

  • Get the participation guideline and the evaluation API: Download the S3 Contest Participation Package including
    • Plugin interface (sme2plugin.jar), matchmaker info file (pluginschema.xsd), example plugin (IMatchmakerPlugin.java)
    • S3 Contest Participation Guideline (.doc). This document includes a walk-through example of how to create an entry to the S3 contest. The package also includes an example plugin interface implementation (code) of one matchmaker to the evaluation environment used for the contest.
  • Get the SME2 Evaluation Environment: Download the SME2 evaluation tool for testing the retrieval performance of your matchmaker over a given test collection (the tool comes with OWLS-TC 2.2, the additional test collection SAWSDL-TC1 is available at semwebcentral.org)
  • Build your entry to the contest: Please follow the instructions in the S3 Contest Participation Guideline for creating your entry to the S3 contest. Your entry consists of
    • the Java library implementing the SME2 API plug in interface of your matchmaker together with an XML file specifying additional information about your matchmaker
    • full contact details (name, address, institution, email, mobile/ phone, fax)
  • Submit your entry: Send your entry at any time in a zip file via email to klusch@dfki.de or on a CDROM via postal mail to Dr. Matthias Klusch DFKI, Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3, D-66123 Saarbruecken, German.

How to participate in the special JGD cross evaluation track (Track 3)?

  • To participate in this track, you need to provide your own semantic annotations for a given set of geographical services. Please consult the special track website for more info and help.


Please note: The eligibility of submissions is NOT dependent on the registration to any event (workshop or conference). Every submission that complies with the conditions specified in the S3 Contest Participation Guideline will be considered valid and evaluated in the competition. Registration to the event hosting the final round of the annual competition is only necessary if you want to join us in the presentation and discussion of the submissions and evaluation results at this event