Annual International Contest S3 on


Semantic Service Selection

Retrieval Performance Evaluation of Matchmakers for Semantic Web Services

(1) Presentation of comparative evaluation results

Track 1: OWL-S matchmakers [test collection OWLS-TC 4.0]

  1. iSeM 1.0 (DFKI, Germany)
  2. OWLS-MX3 (DFKI, Germany)
  3. SeMa2 (TU Berlin, Germany)
  4. OWLS-iMatcher2 (U Zurich, Switzerland)
  5. SPARQLent (HP, Italy)
  6. OWLS-SLR (Aristotle U of Thessaloniki, Greece)
  7. XSSD (Beihang U, China)
  8. EMMA (U Seville, Spain)

Track 2: SAWSDL matchmakers [test collection SAWSDL-TC 3.0]

  1. LOG4SWS.KOM (TU Darmstadt, Germany)
  2. COV4SWS.KOM (TU Darmstadt, Germany)
  3. iSeM 1.0 (DFKI, Germany)
  4. SAWSDL-MX1 (DFKI, Germany)
  5. URBE (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
  6. SAWSDL-iMatcher3 (U Zurich, Switzerland)

Track 3: Cross-Evaluation [JGD geoservice test collections]  cancelled

(2) Open plenary discussion of results of all tracks, status & trends, and potential joint actions in the field of SWS retrieval.