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  • SHAPE Semantically enabled Heterogenous service Architectures (SHA)
  • COIN COllaboration & INteroperability
  • ATHENA Advanced Technologies for Interoperability of Heterogeneous Enterprise Networks and their Applications
  • AgentSteel: Agent Technologies for Supply Chain Management in Steel Industry
  • MATS: Agent Technologies for Steel Production Control
  • Results of Completed Projects

    The MAS-MARS System: A Multi-agent System Modelling the Transportation Domain

    MAS-MARS is a multi-agent system modelling the transportation domain. In this application scenario we have a set of shipping companies each of which has a set of transportation devices at its disposal. The shipping companies execute client orders by distributing them to the transportation devices. Client orders can be sent to the shipping companies at any point in time and the shipping company, i.e. the system solves a dynamic scheduling problem. However, it is very difficult to evaluate the system performance with respect to dynamic planning problems. Therefore, a set of statically defined benchmark examples is provided to prove the problem solving power of the system. You can click on the following icons to get more information about the MAS-MARS system.

  • The MAS-MARS System
  • Documentation

  • All you need to know about MAGSY

    Click here to get a brief description how you can download the MAGSY system to your site. MAGSY is a general purpose development tool for multi-agent system applications.

    DAI related information

    My main research interest is in DAI and multi-agent systems. I am actively working in the Fachgruppe VKI in which the German SIG for DAI is organised. Click here to find out more about DAI in Germany.