Pervasive Retail


The workshop on Pervasive Technologies in Retail Environments (PeTRE) is the continuation of MIRE 2011 (held at MobileHCI 2011) and provides an established forum for researchers from academy and industry exploring how pervasive technologies can be embedded into retail environments to create new shopping experiences and services.

The goals of the workshop are to

  1. discuss the integration of pervasive technologies into retailing;

  2. construct a roadmap for future integration of pervasive technologies in retailing

  3. strengthen and extend the community of this rapidly developing field.

We invite both case studies discussing real-world deployments as well as original research contributions in one of the following topic areas:

  1. mobile applications for retail contexts,

  2. location sensing and customer flow analysis

  3. pervasive public displays

  4. personalization and user/customer modeling for the retail domain

  5. human product interaction

  6. infrastructure standards

  7. integration and interaction with robots and drones

  8. infrastructure combining eCommerce with brick and mortar stores

  9. social media in the retail context,

  10. business models and social impact.

Submission Deadline:  May 27th, 2013 (EXTENDED DEADLINE)





Markus Löchtefeld, DFKI, Germany

Petteri Nurmi, HIIT, Finland

Florian Michahelles, Auto-ID Labs, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Carsten Magerkurth, SAP (Switzerland) AG, Switzerland

Patrik Floréen, HIIT, Finland

Antonio Krüger, DFKI, Germany


PeTRE - Workshop on Pervasive Technologies in Retail Environments