DOME-IoT Workshop

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DOME-IoT 2010

DOME-IoT is a merged event of two successful workshop series, DIPSO 2007-09 in conjunction with UbiComp 2007-09 and DOMe 2009 in conjunction with IE 2009. DOME-IoT 2010 took place at Copenhagen, Denmark on September 26, 2010 in conjunction with Ubicomp 2010.

Digital Object Memories comprise hardware and software components that physically and/or conceptually associate digital information with real-world objects in an application-independent manner. Such information can take many different forms (structured data and documents, pictures, audio/video streams, etc.) and originate from a variety of sources (automated processes, sensors in the environment, users, etc.). If constantly updated, Digital Object Memories over time provide a meaningful record of an object's history and use.

From a technical point of view, Digital Object Memories provide an open-loop infrastructure for the exchange of object-related information across application and environment boundaries. Besides fostering information reuse and reducing the risk of information inconsistencies, they such allow for novel classes of applications in which rich object histories are created and exploited.

From the user's point of view, Digital Object Memories create a new design space for everyday interactions. Physical objects could become sites for their owners' personal stories, but also afford people the opportunity to explore an object's provenance and connections to other elements of physical and digital life. In this sense there is the potential for designers to augment or even transform our relationship with objects and the services that they mediate.

Objects with digital memories might contain all required technology on their own, or may connect with other artifacts in the physical environment that are tagged with computational intelligence, memory, sensors, and actuators in the Internet of Things. Collaboratively, such networks of objects can enhance the process of automated or semi-automated Digital Object Memory creation, as well as the exploitation of the resulting memories.


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DOME-IoT 2010 was held at Copenhagen, Denmark on September 26, 2010 in conjunction with Ubicomp 2010.

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