[mary-dev] javax / marytts on android

Dennis Reidsma d.reidsma at utwente.nl
Sun Feb 12 23:49:22 CET 2012

Hi all,

I almost finished getting MaryTTS to run on Android. There is, as far as 
I can see, only one thing keeping me from finishing it:

Android does not support javax.sound.sampled, which is worked pretty 
deeply into MaryTTS.

So, my question is: would it be conceivable that the funtionality 
currently implemented through javax.sound.sampled gets delegated to some 
set of interfaces, for which we can make multiple implementations? I.e., 
one using javax.sound.sampled (as currently done), one using some 
android sound packages, and maybe even others such as OpenAL...

Anyone an opinion on that?

best regards,
Dennis Reidsma
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