Hybrid Learning and Reasoning

Seminar an der Universitšt des Saarlandes, Fachrichtung Informatik,  LSF 123624

Requirements for successfull participation in the seminar:

  • Confirmed assignment by central SIC seminar system with registration in HISPOS.
  • Regular attendance of all sessions of the seminar according to the list of attendees which is kept at each seminar date (starting from the first presentation session of the seminar). Exceptional leave of absence (e.g. in case of certified illness) has to be clarified with the seminar leader as soon as possible/in prior.  
  • Successful seminar talk on the assigned topic. The presentation can be up to 45 minutes. The presentation is followed by a discussion on the presented topic with the presenter (defense) which can be up to 45 minutes. This discussion with the audience is particularly driven by two dedicated opponents. Presentation language is English or German (depending on audience); the presentation slides have to be in English.
  • Active and meaningful contributions to all discussions of the seminar. That includes the opposition task mentioned above. Opponents are supposed to carefully prepare for their in-depth discussion with the respective presenter about the presented methods and applications.

Weighted evaluation of participation (in %): Presentation and defense 75, Discussion and opposition 25