Hybrid Learning and Reasoning

Seminar an der Universitšt des Saarlandes, Fachrichtung Informatik,  LSF 140201

Requirements for successfull participation in the seminar (with grade):

  • Confirmed assignment by central SIC seminar system with registration in HISPOS, and
  • Regular attendance of all sessions of the seminar according to the list of attendees which is kept at each seminar date (starting from the first presentation session of the seminar; exceptional leave of absence, e.g. in case of certified illness, has to be clarified with the seminar leader as soon as possible/in prior), and  
  • Successful seminar talk on the assigned topic.
    • The presentation can be up to 45 minutes. The presentation is followed by a discussion on the presented topic with the presenter (defense) which can be up to 45 minutes.
    • This discussion with the audience is particularly driven by two dedicated opponents
  • and active, meaningful contributions to all discussions of the seminar. That includes the opposition task mentioned above. Opponents are supposed to carefully prepare for their in-depth discussion with the respective presenter about the presented methods and applications.

Weighted evaluation of participation (in %): Presentation and defense 75, Discussion and opposition 25