Twelfth International Workshop CIA 2008 on


Cooperative Information Agents

September 10 - 12, 2008

CzechTechnical University, Prague, Czech Republic

In cooperation with ACM SIGART, SIGWEB, SIGKDD


Topics of interest are (but not exclusive):

  • Systems and Applications of Information Agents
    • Architectures of information agents.
    • Prototypes and fielded systems of information agents.
    • Recommender systems; collaborative cases.
    • Issues of programming information agents.
  • Advanced Means of Collaboration and Coordination
    • Social filtering, cooperative search, group forming, negotiation, etc.
    • Cooperation in real-time and open environments.
    • Self-organising information agent systems.
    • Capability-based mediation between information agents.
    • Collaboration in peer-to-peer networks.
  • Agent-Based Knowledge Discovery
    • Agent-based distributed data mining.
    • Distributed information retrieval, text, and Web mining.
    • Agent based privacy preserving data mining
  • Information Agents, Web Services, and the Semantic Web
    • Agent-based service discovery and composition.
    • Agent-based service matchmaking and brokering
    • Agent-based distributed ontology mapping and learning.
    • Agent-based information search in the semantic Web
  • Mobile Information Agents
    • Mobile information agents for distributed information retrieval.
    • Engineering mobile information agents.
    • Cooperative mobile information agents.
  • Information Agents for Pervasive Computing Environments
    • Information agents for pervasive computing: Visions, applications, surveys; collaborative cases.
  • Rational Information Agents for E-Business
    • Models of economic rationality
    • Trust and reputation
    • Issues of privacy of communication, data security, and jurisdiction for agent-mediated trading.
    • Coalition and team formation algorithms.
  • Intelligent Interfaces for Information Agents
    • Human-agent interaction for (systems of) information agents. Life-like characters and avatars.
    • Information agents for/applied to digital cities.
    • Advanced, personalized 3-d visualizations of information spaces.
    • Personalization; collaborative cases.
  • Adaptive Information Agents
    • Adaptive information retrieval; collaborative cases.
    • Reasoning with imperfect information: collaborative cases.
    • Multi-strategy and meta-learning for cooperative information agents.
  • Information Agents, P2P and Grid Computing
    • Agent-based P2P and grid computing
    • Agent-based P2P systems and applications
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