German Conference Series MATES on

Multiagent System Technologies

In cooperation with the SIG on Distributed Artificial Intelligence of the German Computer Society GI


 Programming & Architecture (Wednesday 11:30-13:00)

  • GOAL as a Planning Formalism, Koen Hindriks and Tijmen Roberti
  • A Reference Architecture for Modelling of Emotional Agent Systems, Julia Fix and Daniel Moldt (short )
  • Towards a Taxonomy of Decision Making Problems in Multi-Agent Systems, Christian Guttmann (short presentation)
  • Implementing Over-sensing in Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems on top of Artifact-based Environments, Alessandro Ricci and Michele Piunti (short presentation)

Applications (Wednesday 14:30-16:00)

  • Towards Reactive Scheduling for Large-Scale Virtual Power Plants, Martin Tröschel and Hans-Jürgen Appelrath
  • A Distributed Detecting Method for SYN Flood Attacks and its Implementation using Mobile Agents, Masaki Narita, Takashi Katoh, Bhed Bahadur Bista and Toyoo Takata
  • Agent-Based Model for Decision Support in Multi-Site Manufacturing Enterprises, Zhan Sheng Ng, Aaron Yu Siang Tan, Arief Adhitya and Rajagopalan Srinivasan


Verification (Thursday 10:30-12:00)

  • Verification of epistemic properties in probabilistic Multi-Agent Systems, Carla Delgado-Battenfeld and Mario Benevides
  • SVM Learning with Distributed Data, Stefano Lodi, Ricardo Nanculef and Claudio Sartori (short)
  • Formalizing ARTIS Agent Model using RT-Maude, Toufik Marir, Farid Mokhati and Hassina Seridi (short )
  • Towards a Verification Framework for Communicating Rational Agents, Nils Bulling and Koen Hindriks (short)

Tools & Algorithms (Thursday 13:30-15:00)

  • Multi-Agent Navigation using Path-Based Vector Fields, Tristan Behrens, Tim Winkler and Randolf Schärfig
  • Framework for dynamic life critical situations using agents, Jenny Lundberg and Anne Håkansson (short)
  • Modeling Tools for Platform Specific Design of Multi-agent Systems, Geylani Kardas, Erdem Eser Ekinci, Bekir Afsar, Oguz Dikenelli and N. Yasemin Topaloglu (short )
  • Unifying JIAC Agent Development with AWE, Marco Lützenberger, Tobias Küster, Axel Heßler and Benjamin Hirsch (short )

Coordination & Trust (Friday 10:30-12:00)

  • Multi criteria decision methods for coordinating case-based agents, Beatriz López, Carles Pous, Gay Pablo and Pla Albert
  • Concurrently decomposable constraint systems, Cees Witteveen, Wiebe van der Hoek and Nico Roos
  • Strategies for Exploiting Trust Models in Competitive Multiagent Systems, Victor Muñoz, Javier Murillo, Beatriz López and Dídac Busquets

Simulation (Friday 13:30-15:00)

  • MACSIMA: On the Effects of Adaptative Negotiation Behavior in Agent-Based Supply Networks, Christian Russ and Alexander Walz
  • SMIZE: A Spontaneous Ride-Sharing System for Individual Urban Transit, Xin Xing, Tobias Warden, Tom Nicolai and Otthein Herzog
  • Towards Pattern-Oriented Design of Agent-based Simulations, Franziska Klügl and Lars Karlsson

Cooperation & Organizational Aspects (Friday 15:30-17:00)

  • Agent Cooperation for Monitoring and Diagnosing a MAP, Roberto Micalizio and Pietro Torasso
  • Embodied Organisations in MAS Environments, Michele Piunti, Alessandro Ricci, Olivier Boissier and Jomi Hubner
  • Designing Organized Multiagent Systems through MDPs, Moser Fagundes, Roberto Centeno, Holger Billhardt and Sascha Ossowski (short )

Exhibition Session (Thursday 15:30-17:00)

  • Requirements for Debugging of MAS, Lawrence Cabac, Till Dörges, Michael Duvigneau and Daniel Moldt
  • Agent-based Semantic Search at, Nils Weber, Lars Braubach, Alexander Pokahr and Winfried Lamersdorf
  • Applying JIAC V to Real World Problems - The MAMS Case, Alexander Thiele, Thomas Konnerth, Silvan Kaiser, Jan Keiser and Benjamin Hirsch
  • An Architecture for Simulating Internet-of-Services Economies, Stefan König, Isaac Pinyol, Daniel Villatoro, Jordi Sabater Mir and Torsten Eymann
  • Multi-Agent Infrastructure for Active Application Architectures and Inter-Organisational Information Systems, Michael Köhler-Bußmeier and Matthias Wester-Ebbinghaus