Annual International Contest S3 on

Semantic Service Selection

Retrieval Performance Evaluation of Matchmakers for Semantic Web Services

The third edition of this contest evaluates the retrieval performance of publicly available  matchmakers for Semantic Web services in the format OWL-S and SA-WSDL over test collections OWLS-TC 3.0 and SAWSDL-TC 2.0.  This year’s edition of the contest consists of three tracks:

  • Track 1:    OWL-S matchmaker evaluation
  • Track 2:    SAWSDL matchmaker evaluation
  • Track 3:   Service selection cross-evaluation

The final evaluation and presentation of the results of all tracks will take place at the 3rd International workshop SMR2 (Service Matchmaking and Resource Retrieval in the Semantic Web) of the 8th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) in Washington D.C., USA:

Sunday, October 25, 2009.

The service selection cross-evaluation track focusses on the evaluation of service retrieval engines over given collection JGD of real-world geographical service. That is, the retrieval performance of any service retrieval engine/matchmaker is comparatively evaluated over a common collection JGD of services taken from the geography domain. For this purpose, participants of tis special  track will have to provide the necessary (semantic) annotations to register the services in their engine themselves. More details here.

Summary report of S3 in 2009