First International Joint Workshop SMR2 2007 on


Service Matchmaking and Resource Retrieval in the Semantic Web

November 11, 2007

At the 6th International Semantic Web 2007 Conference Busan, South Korea

Topics of interest are (but not exclusive):

  • Advanced searching of services and other resources in the semantic Web
  • Approaches to matchmaking and brokering in the semantic Web, with particular emphasis on semantic web services
  • Semantic retrieval of resources and services in P2P and Grid networks
  • Matchmaking in e-commerce scenarios: auctions, e-marketplaces, supply
  • Composition planning of semantic Web services
  • Negotiation of semantic Web services and resources
  • Interleaving of discovery, composition, and negotiation of semantic
    Web services
  • Formal description and handling of semantic Web services, queries, and
  • Non-functional service properties and their use for discovery (and
  • Trust issues of semantic Web service discovery
  • Prototypes and tools for semantic Web services engineering
  • Practical and user-oriented issues and experiences of implementing semantic Web service retrieval
  • Experimental comparative evaluation of implemented SW service retrieval tools