September 19 - 20, 2006
in Erfurt, Germany

Tuesday, 19.09.06
Session 1
10:00Opening MATES (15 min)
10:15Session 1: Communication and Interaction
10:15Adding new communication services to the FIPA Message Transport SystemG. Aranda et al.
10:45Analysis of Multi-Agent Interactions with Process Mining TechniquesLawrence Cabac et al.
11:15Engineering Agent Conversations with the DIALOG FrameworkFernando Alonso et al.
Session 2
13:45Session 2: Applications and Simulation
13:45Modeling and Simulation of Tests for AgentsMartina Gierke et al.
14:15Agent-based Simulation versus Econometrics – From Macro- to Microscopic Approaches in Route Choice SimulationGustavo Kuhn Andriotti et al.
14:45Agent Based Simulation Architecture for Evaluating Operational Policies in Transshipping ContainersPaul Davidsson et al.
Session 3
15:30Session 3:
15:30Agents Bidding Strategies in a Combinatorial AuctionOleg Gujo et al.
16:00A Performance Analysis of Multi-Agent SystemsG. Jezic et al.
16:15A General Framework for Multi-Agent Search with Individual and Global Goals: Stakeholder SearchJörg Denzinger et al.


Wednesday, 20.09.06
Session 4
10:15Session 4: Agent Planning
10:15Diagnosis of Multi-Agent Plan ExecutionNico Roos et al.
10:45Framework and Complexity Results for Coordinating Non-Cooperative Planning AgentsJ. Renze Steenhuisen et al.
11:15Agent-supported Cross-Organizational Business Process Management and ImplementationKlaus Fischer et al. (DFKI GmbH, Saarbrücken)
11:30Evaluation of a Multi-Agent System for Hospital Patient SchedulingLars Braubach et al.
Session 5
12:00Session 5: Agent-Oriented Software Engineering I
12:00A Model Driven Approach to Agent-Based Service-Oriented ArchitecturesGorka Benguria et al.
12:30Meta-models, Models, and Model Transformations: Towards Interoperable AgentsArne-Jřrgen Berre et al.
13:00Formation of Virtual Organizations through OrganizationMark Hoogendoorn et al.
Session 6
15:30Session 6: Agent-Oriented Software Engineering II
15:30Continuations and Behavior Components Engineering in Multi-Agent SystemsDenis Jouvin
16:00Implementing Multi-Agent Teamwork Via Reference Net Team ModulesMatthias Wester-Ebbinghaus
16:15Applying ForMAAD for Designing an Air Traffic Control ApplicationAhmed Hadj Kacem et al.
16:30The State of the Art in Automated Negotiation Models of the Behavior and Information PerspectiveRicardo Büttner
16:45Decentralized Reputation Management for Cooperating Software Agents in Open Multi-Agent SystemsAndreas Grünert et al.
Session 7
17:15Session 7: Security, Trust, and Reputation
17:15Evaluating Mobile Agent Platform SecurityAxel Bürkle et al.
17:45A new Model for Trust and Rreputation Management with an Ontology based Approach for Similarity between TasksJuan A. Botia et al.
18:15Closing MATES (15 min)


Submission of papers:
April 2, 2006

Notification of authors:
Mai 22, 2006

Camera-ready papers:
June 18, 2006

September 19-20, 2006