DOMe-IoT 2012 Workshop

Workshop Results

Presenting QRator at DOMe-IoT 2012.

The organizers like to thank all participants for making the DOMe-IoT 2012 workshop a vivid and inspiring experience.


Published within the supplemental proceedings of Ubicomp 2012, to appear in the ACM digital library. Links follow once available.


Plenary discussions focused on agency from Smart Objects as well as this topic's relationship to Digital Object Memories. The discussions were backed up by presentations addressing various agency-related topics in the context of smart objects.

Topics related to agency from smart objects - a mindmap created during the DOMe-IoT 2012 workshop.

Topics encountered were collected and grouped in a mindmap. Top-level items include why agency is employed (application scenarions), contents used to describe agency, as well as definition and usage of agency-related information.

Complementary practical exercises provided an insight to the matter, e.g., how to administrate instructions concerning object behavior in Digital Object Memories,, and how instructions from smart objects actually may influence and guide human behavior. While interacting with objects, partipants experienced emerging relationships between objects and learned about potential applications of objects. For instance, tagged ingredients triggered participants to store them under appropriate conditions, and then suddenly issue new instructions that eventually match the recipe of a dish.

Smart objects assign tasks to users - a practical exercise performed during the DOMe-IoT 2012 workshop.


The participants summarized their experience as follows.


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DOMe-IoT 2012 is held at Pittsburgh, PA, USA on September 8th, 2012 in conjunction with Ubicomp 2012.

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