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André et al. (1994)

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E. André, G. Herzog, T. Rist.

Multimedia Presentation of Interpreted Visual Data. In: P. Mc Kevitt, ed., Proc. of AAAI-94 Workshop on ``Integration of Natural Language and Vision Processing'', pp. 74-82, Seattle, WA, 1994.


While computer vision aims at the transformation of image data into meaningful information, research in intelligent multimedia generation addresses the effective communication of information using multiple media such as text, graphics and video. We argue that combining the two research areas leads to an interesting new kind of information system. Such integrated systems will be able to flexibly transform visual data into various presentation forms including, for example, TV-style reports and illustrated articles. The paper elaborates on this transformation and provides a modularization into maintainable subtasks. How these subtasks can be accomplished will be sketched by means of VIPS, a prototype system that has emerged from our previous work on scene analysis and multimedia generation. vips analyses short sections of camera-recorded image sequences of soccer games and generates multimedia presentations of the interpreted visual data.

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