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Magic Lounge

A virtual meeting space with intelligent communication services

Magic Lounge (MLounge or ML for short) is a European project funded under the the so-called i3 initiative on intelligent information interfaces. The project consortium departed from the observation that virtual meeting spaces represent a major step beyond the classical computer-user relationship. Rather than having a single user interact with the machine, the computer-mediated user-user interaction is becoming a new paradigm. Communicating through computers enables new services which facilitate taking part in cyberspace conversations, as well as assisting the participants in keeping trace of the communicative actions performed during conversations. We use the term virtual meeting space in a broad sense and consider that such spaces may simultaneously integrate traditional human-computer interaction processes (for instance, database or Web access) and also be related to what could be called a whole group story made of synchronous and asynchronous interactions. In Magic Lounge we are especially interested in the way how ordinary people use current technology, such as chat and audio conferencing, and we try to identify key concepts, services and functions that may drive the development of the next generation of computer-mediated communication systems. Among such concepts and functions are a structured meeting memory, a temporal meeting browser, and the possibility to access the meeting place through heterogeneous communication devices. User needs regarding such services have been studied through questionnaires and tests with prototypical implementations.
(For more information on i3 see i3net, the European Network for Intelligent Information Interfaces.)

Project Partners:
DFKI, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Saarbrücken Germany;
Contact: Thomas Rist (Project Management)
NIS, Natural Interactive Systems Labratory , University of Southern Denmark;
Contact: Niels Ole Bernsen
LIMSI, Laboratoire d'Informatique pour la Mècanique et les Sciences de l'Ingènieur of the CNRS (French National Agency for Scientific Research), Paris, France;
Contact: Jean-Claude Martin
Siemens AG, München, Germany;
Contact: Holger Herzog
The Danish Isles - User Community (Subcontractor);
Members: Gösta Tästensen, Karsten Karstensen, Steen Venbjerg, Kurt Sternberg, Erik Bjørn Sørensen, Lars Nyboe, Andersen, Frank Even Hagen, Hans Christian Hansen.
Contact: infoanho@inet.uni-c.dk
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Université de Technologie de Compiègne (UTC), Compiègne France
Contact: Dominique Boullier