Project PPP

The project `Personalized Plan-Based Presenter' was started in February 1994 under grant ITW 9400 for a period of three years. The aim of the project is to explore and develop innovative presentation techniques for future intelligent user interfaces. PPP continues work done in WIP by adding three fundamental extensions:

Planning Multimedia Presentation Acts: In contrast to WIP, the PPP system not only synthesizes multimedia documents, but also plans how this material is to be presented to various users. One particular objective of the PPP project is to emulate more natural and efficient presentations by the use of an animated character as a presenter who will show and explain the generated material.

Interactive Multimedia Presentations: Since it is impossible to anticipate the needs and requirements of each potential user, a presentation system should allow for interaction. The PPP system responds to follow-up questions concerning the domain as well as to meta comments on the act of presentation.

Monitoring the Effectiveness of a Presentation: In order to find out whether a user really understood an instruction, the presentation system must keep track of the user's behavior in the world. Given such an additional source of feedback, the system is able to monitor the effectiveness of its presentations and can continuously adapt the instruction strategies to the current situation.

Furthermore, in PPP we aim at a firm representational foundation to allow for easy adaptations of new domains. This includes the development of representational techniques which are flexible and powerful enough to support a wide range of applications.

In November 1995, the WIP/PPP team was awarded the ITEA'95 Finalist Price for excellence in converting results from information technology research to innovative products for the marketplace.

PPP Demos

  • Persona (Cartoon) explains how to set a modem for reception of data (English Version)
  • Persona (Cartoon) explains how to set a modem for reception of data (German Version, for internal access only)
  • Persona (EA) presents Condor Boeing 767
  • Persona (JM) presents Mercedes G
  • Persona (Cartoon) presents DFKI (for internal access only)
    A list of publications from the WIP and PPP projects is also available via WWW.

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