i3 Spring Days
March 1-3, 2000

  A workshop cluster and get together with i3 members held under the auspices of the FET Long-Term Research pro-active initiative in Intelligent Information Interfaces, i3, and the i3 initiative on Experimental School Environments, i3 ESE

Information on the i3 Spring Days

1. About the i3 Spring Days

The i3 Spring Days stand for a cluster of workshops with the aim of bringing together i3-members and friends based on common interests across projects. The workshops will be scheduled in a way that leaves space for common information sessions and various entertainments, activities and social events which will help to form more of a coherent community for i3, as well as involving people who are not yet part of the i3 community.
The target audience for the i3 Spring Days includes primarily members of the i3 community. However, as it was the case with the last Spring Days in Sitges (Spain, March 7-10, 99) most of the workshops will seek for contributions and participants from the global research community.
More information on the i3 initiative an be found under:

2. Location and Date

3. Tentative Spring Days 2000 Programme

The following workshops have been scheduled for the next Spring Days (Wednesday March 1 - Friday March 3). Follow the links to the individual workshops to see the workshop descriptions and calls for participation.

The diagrams only indicate the allocated time slots for the workshops. The programs for the Individual workshops will be set up by the responsible workshop organisers. For details, please contact them directly.

4. Poster Exhibition

All i3-Projects are invited to display posters during the Spring Days. Just send an indication of interest to rist@dfki.de to reserve some display space for your project.

5. Participation & Registration

Workshops at the Spring Days are intended to provide opportunities for in-depth meetings and informal discussions about common research topics across i3 projects. To account for the interdisciplinary and diverse nature of the i3 community, there is no single format for a workshop. It is basically up to the workshop organisers what they want to do at their workshop, whom they want to invite for participation and how they run it in order to make it a success. However, workshops shall be open to the global research community. To achieve openness, organisers are asked to circulate a public call for papers/participation. Furthermore, during the Spring Days, any workshop shall be open to other Spring Days participants who may occasionally sit in for a while as "silent ghosts" even if not particularly invited to a workshop. This concept of openness has proven useful at the last Spring Days as it helped to make people learn about what others are doing and to create new links between projects.


6. Organisation Committee & Address for further information

The members of the Spring Days Organisation Committee (SDOC) are:

7. Hotel and Travel Information

Address for further information

If you have further questions or suggestions please contact Thomas Rist at following address:

Thomas Rist
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3
D-66123 Saarbruecken, Germany
Tel.: (+49 681) 302-5266
Fax: (+49 681) 302-5341
e-mail: rist@dfki.de

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