i3 Spring Days
March 7-10, 1999

  A workshop cluster and get together with i3 ese-projects held under the auspices of the Esprit (now FET) Long-Term Research pro-active initiative in Intelligent Information Interfaces, i3, and the i3 initiative on Experimental School Environments, i3 ESE

Information on the i3 Spring Days

1. About the i3 Spring Days

The purpose of the i3 Spring Days is twofold. Besides the already established i3 Annual Conference (i3AC), the Spring Days form a further activity to foster communication across i3 projects. This is of particular importance since the i3 community has been significantly grown by the launch of ten new projects together with three new working groups under the i3 initiative on Experimental School Environments.
Secondly, the i3 Spring Days promote the idea of running a cluster of i3 workshops at a common location. The workshops will help to bring i3-members together based on common interests across projects. The clustering will allow to have joint invited speakers, share technical equipment, reduce travelling expenses, etc.. The clustering of workshops will certainly generate a much better visibility of i3 as a whole in contrast to scattered stand-alone events.

More information on the i3 initiative an be found under:

2. Location and Date

3. Programme

The following structure has been suggested for the i3 Spring Days. (Note that this is only a tentative agenda which may change during the further planning of the event.)

4. Registration

5. Organisation Committee & Address for further information

The members of the Spring Days Organisation Committee (SDOC) are:

Address for further information

If you have further questions or suggestions please contact Thomas Rist at following address:

Thomas Rist
German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence
Stuhlsatzenhausweg 3
D-66123 Saarbruecken
Tel.: (+49 681) 302-5266
Fax: (+49 681) 302-5341
e-mail: rist@dfki.uni-sb.de

6. Information package for workshop proposers
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