Seminar: Advanced Topics in Services Computing

Hauptseminar an der Universitaet des Saarlandes, FR 6.2 Informatik, LVst 94717

Seminar schedule:

This schedule is preliminary: Please check it regularly for changes! On the public holidays 05.05.2016 (Ascension Day) and 26.05.2016 (Corpus Christi) there are no seminar presentations.






DFKI, New Bldg +2.30, R "Turing 1”


 Web Service Search and Selection  [#3]

Wadah Sharaf Qassim Al-Hamadi

  • L. Baresi, M. Miraz, P. Plebani: "A Distributed Architecture for Efficient Web Service Discovery". Journal of Service Oriented Computing and Applications, Springer, 2015
  • P. Plebani, B. Pernici: “URBE: Web Service Retrieval Based on Similarity Evaluation”. IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 21(11), IEEE. 2009

DFKI, New Bldg +2.30, R "Turing 1”



DFKI, New Bldg +2.30, R "Turing 1”


Semantic Web Service Selection   [#4]

Oleksii Voitenko

  • T.G. Stavropoulos, S. Andreadis, N. Bassiliades, D. Vrakas, I. Vlahavas: “The TOMACO Hybrid Matching Framework for SAWSDL Semantic Web Services”. IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 99, IEEE. 2015

DFKI, New Bldg +2.30, R "Turing 1”


Functional Composition of Web Services  [#8]

Rohit Kumar Gupta

  • J. Bellido, R. Alarcon, C. Pautasso: “Control-Flow Patterns for Decentralized RESTful Service Composition”. ACM Transactions on the Web, 8(1), ACM. 2013
  • C. Pautasso: “RESTful Web service composition with BPEL for REST”. Journal of Data Knowledge and Engineering, 68(9), Elsevier. 2009

DFKI, New Bldg +2.30, R "Turing 1”



DFKI, New Bldg +2.30, R "Turing 1”


Model-Driven Service Composition   [#14]

Debjit Paul

  • S. Arifulina, S. Walther, M. Becker, MC. Platenius: “SeSAME: Modeling and Analyzing High-Quality Service Compositions.” Proceedings of 29th ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, ACM. 2014
  • S. Becker, H. Koziolek, R. Reussner: “The Palladio Component Model for Model-driven Performance Prediction”. Journal for Systems and Software, Elsevier. 2009
  • M. C. Platenius, S. Arifulina, R. Petrlic, W. Schaefer: “Matching of incomplete service specifications exemplified by privacy policy matching”. Proceedings 4th International Workshop on Adaptive Services for the Future Internet. 2014

DFKI, New Bldg +2.30, R "Turing 1”


Privacy-Aware Composition of Web Services   [#15]

Pallavi Majumder

  • E. Costante, F. Paci, N. Zannone: “Privacy-Aware Web Service Composition and Ranking”. Journal of Web Services Research, 10(3), Springer. 2013
  • E. Tbahriti, C. Ghedira, B. Medjahed, M. Mrissa:  “Privacy-Enhanced Web Service Composition”. IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 7(2), IEEE. 2015

DFKI, New Bldg +2.30, R "Turing 1”


Semantic Web Service Composition   [#17]

Soumya Chakraborthy

  • J. Puttonen, A. Lobov, M.A. Cavia Sotot, J.L. Martinez Lastra: “Planning-Based Semantic Web Service Composition in Factory Automation”. Journal of Advanced Engineering Informatics, 29(4), Elsevier. 2015
  • Planning: BFS-based, JavaFF, GraphPlan; Conversion WSDL2OWL-S, planning problem in PDDL

DFKI, New Bldg +2.30, R "Turing 1”


Non-Functional-Level Web Service Composition (2)   [#12]

Abdallah Dawoud

  • A. Mostafa, M. Zhang: "Multi-Objective Service Composition in Uncertain Environments", IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, IEEE. 2015
  • Reinforcement learning, POMDP

DFKI, New Bldg +2.30, R "Turing 1”



DFKI, New Bldg +2.30, R "Turing 1”


Semantic web service composition (3)   [#18]

Manuel Silvio Anglet

  • G. Kahl, M. Klusch, I. Zinnikus, J. Schimmelpfennig, M. Zapp: “ADIGE: Semantic Business Process Management for Smart Retail Environments”. Proceedings of 17th ACM International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications and Services (iiWAS), ACM. 2015
  • M. Klusch, K. Renner: “Fast Dynamic Re-Planning of Composite OWL-S Services”. Proceedings of 2nd IEEE International Workshop on Service Composition, IEEE. 2006

DFKI, New Bldg +2.30, R "Turing 1”


  • Discussion of service selection and composition
  • Wrap-up

DFKI, New Bldg +2.30, R "Turing 1”