• Basic knowledge on Web 2.0, AI and semantic web is an advantage.

Requirements for successfull participation in the seminar:

  • Regular attendance of the seminar according to the list of attendees which is kept at each seminar date (starting from the scheduled first presentation). Absence from the seminar is allowed for a maximum of THREE (two within the lecturing time of this semester) seminar presentation dates in this semester.
  • Minimum of 50 out of 100 pts are required to pass the seminar successfully.
  • All seminar contributions are classified as either theoretical or practical; the first holds by default unless otherwise stated or a change of the contribution type has been agreed with the respective supervisor.

    • Theoretical contribution
      • Presentation [up to 70 pts]
      • Application report: Potential applications (how to use), selected application: detailed examples & proofs, relevant software,  discussion [up to 30 pts]
    • Practical contribution
      • Program [up to 50 pts]
      • Documentation: Motivation/setting, requirements specification, architecture, implementation (program structure, software), user manual, experimental evaluation (if appropriate), discussion [up to 30 pts]
      • Presentation [up to 20 pts]

    Presentation slides and documents have to be written in English.

    A presentation can be up to 45 minutes followed by a discussion on it. Presentation language is English or German (depending on audience).

    The application report (for theoretical contributions) or the documentation and program (for practical contributions) has to be handed out to the respective seminar advisor within three weeks after the respective presentation.


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