Research Team I2S

Intelligent Information Systems


Open positions (up to 20 hrs/week)

  1. Research assistant (Hiwi)
    • Support of modeling and simulation of critical traffic scenarios for socially-aware pedestrian intention estimation in 3D simulator OpenDS
  2. Research assistant (Hiwi)
    • Design, implementation and maintenance of a Wiki/research repository on hybrid deep learning (software, papers); application domain: autonomous driving
  3. Research assistant (Hiwi)
    • Implementation of selected methods of deep reinforcement learning
    • Implementation of selected method of planning

Requirements: [for #1] Proficiency in programming (Java, deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow; solid knowledge on deep learning),  [for #2]: as for [#1] and basic knowledge on automated planning;[for #3] proficiency in  programming for mediawiki. In any case:  Valid enrollment as student in Saarland University, Germany

If you are interested in any of the above positions please send your application including

  • Position# (see above)
  • your CV and current Transcript of Records
  • short explanation why your technical skills are appropriate for pursueing the considered task

to PD Dr Matthias Klusch by email