Research Team I2S

Intelligent Information Systems

Selected demonstrators

  • iCM-Hydraulic
    • Intelligent condition monitoring of hydraulic machines
    • System combines online statistical, semantic and probabilistic analysis of multi-variate sensor data with human understandable explanation for fault detection and condition diagnosis
    • Project ICM-Hydraulik (HYDAC Filter Systems GmbH); contact:
    • Short presentation (2.3 MB pdf)
    • Adaptive semantic business processes and instrumented environment for semi-automated re-ordering of goods in retail
    • Demo video (243 MB .mov)
    • Project SWC Emergent (BMBF)
  • MyMedia
    • Mobile semantic P2P media search and live streaming
    • MyMedia app for Android: contact
    • Project SocialSensor (EU IP)

Open-source software

Download statistics (, 1.9.2015):

  • 44,015: OWLS-MX  Semantic Service Selection
  • 15,956: OWLS-TC  Semantic Service Retrieval Test Collection
  • 5,588:  OWLS-Xplan  Semantic Service Planner
  • 4,081:  OWLS2WSDL  Semantic Service Converter
  • 3,243:  SME2  Semantic Service Retrieval Evaluation Tool
  • 2,142:  SouSuo  Semantic Service Search Engine
  • 1,049:  SAWSDL-TC  Semantic Service Retrieval Test Collection
  •    881:  WSMO-MX  Semantic Service Selection
  •    567:  SAWSDL-MX  Semantic Service Selection
  •    375: OWLS2PDDL   Converter for Semantic Service Planning
  •    246:  RS2D  Semantic P2P Service Search
  •    242:  iSeM  Semantic Service Selection
  •     41:  MDSM  Model-Driven Semantic Service Selection

MyMedia peer

    • Basic Android peer for semantic P2P video search and streaming
    • Available: @sourceforge
    • Date of first release: 11.3.2015
    • Reference: Klusch, M.; Kapahnke, P.; Cao, X.; Rainer, B.; Timmerer, C.; Mangold, S. (2014): MyMedia: Mobile Semantic Peer-to-Peer Video Search and Live Streaming. Proc. 11th ACM International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems (Mobiquitous); London, UK; ACM Press. CORE: A

Semantic P2P search and replication


    • Semantic-driven k-walker search in unstructured P2P networks
    • Available: Part of MyMedia peer @sourceforge
    • Date of first release: October 2013
    • Reference: Cao, X.; Klusch, M. (2013): S2P2P: Semantic Search in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks. Proc. 15th IEEE International Conference on High-Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC); IEEE Press.





    • Probabilistic risk driven semantic service discovery in unstructured P2P networks
    • Available @ and @ project home
    • Date of first release: December 2006 (v1), March 2007 (v2)
    • Number of downloads (until 20.7.2015): 246
    • Reference: Basters, U.; Klusch, M. (2006): Risk Driven Semantic P2P Service Retrieval. Proceedings of the 6th IEEE International Conference on P2P Computing (P2P 2006), Cambridge, UK, IEEE CS Press.

Semantic service selection

Semantic service retrieval evaluation

    Evaluation Tool SME2


    Test Collections

    • Available
      • OWLS-TC -- OWL-S services   OWLS-TC
      • Date of first release: 2005, Actual version: 4.0
      • Number of downloads (until 1.9.2015): 15,915
      • SAWSDL-TC -- SA-WSDL service   SAWSDL-TC
      • Date of first release: 2009
      • Number of downloads (until 1.9.2015): 1,041
    • Reference: Klusch, M. (2012): The S3 Contest: Performance Evaluation of Semantic Service Matchmakers. In:  Blake, M.B.; Cabral, L.; König-Ries, B.; Küster, U.; Martin, D. (Eds.): Semantic Web Services – Advancement through Evaluation;  Springer.



    • Semantic Web Service Relevance Assessment Tool
    • Available @ project page
    • Date of first release: 2008



    • Semi-automated translation of OWL-S 1.1 to WSDL: Generation of WSDL services as groundings for given semantic services in OWL-S 1.1
    • Available @
    • Date of first release: July 2007
    • Number of downloads (until 1.9.2015): 4,081

Semantic service composition planning

Semantic service-based business processes


    • Semantic service-based BPMN process modelling
      • Joint work with Software Engineering Chair @Uni Saarland
    • Versions:
      • SemOryx 2.0: SemOryx 1.0 with reuse of semantic process service plans
      • Date of first release: 2012
      • SemOryx 1.0: Oryx with semantic process service planning
      • Date of first release: 2011
    • Available: Contact

Semantic data annotation


    • Semantic annotation of XML3D scene objects
    • Date of first release: 2011
    • Available: Contact

Automated negotiation


    • Versions:
      • 2.0: Simulation of strategic trust and deceit in coalition negotiations
      • 1.0: Simulation of coalition formation
        • Available: Download package
        • Date of first release: 2004