BMB+F Forschungsprojekt 01-IW-08005


Intelligente Simulation von Realität 

2011 - ISReal platform v.2 software components:

Revised and newly added components of the ISReal platform version 2 are as follows. 

  • Web-based tool xml3dsat for semantic XML3D scene annotation
  • Web-based development tool iAvatar for intelligent 3D avatars
  • Integration of xaitments HumanSim-server into ISReal platform
  • Bochica agent modeling framework and code generation for Jadex
  • Autodesk fbx to XML3D converter/exporter for Autodesk Maya
  • Autodesk 3D Studio max exporter for XML3D
  • Xflow animation, mesh deformation system
  • XML3D implementation for Android mobile systems
  • OpenGL renderers for Google Chrome and Firefox (as extension)

2010 -  ISReal platform v.1 software components:

Revised and newly added components of the ISReal platform version 1 are as follows.

  • ISReal Global Semantic Environment Server GSE v.1 for semantic-based simulations in XML3D-enabled web browsers Firefox and Chrome
  • ISReal Intelligent User Agent v.1 for XML3D-enabled web browsers and n-agent interaction scenarios
  • Semantic Service Matchmaker Evaluation Environment SME2 v.2.2
  • Forward reachability analysis tool (verification)
  • 2-dimensional graphical representation of reachable states (verification)
  • Improved trace witness representation (verification)
  • Improved Cinema 4D exporter for semantic annotated XML3D
  • VRML to XML3D converter
  • EMBR integration in XML3D and VR-testbed
  • HumanSim Server
  • Extended OSGAnimation
  • Major improvements of the rendering distribution framework Drone
  • Integration of Bullet Physics with XML3D enabled browser

2009 -  ISReal platform v.0 software components:

  • Global Semantic Environment (GSE). The GSE v.0 server is implemented in Java; it adopts the LarKC plugin architecture for its ontology management system OMS with plugins for triple store systems OWLIM and AllegroGraph, semantic reasoners (Pellet, SPARQL-DL, STAR), handles the interaction with the extended X3D scene graph management system RTSG-1 of the graphics environmen; restricted admin interface.       
  • Semantic Service Matchmaker (iSeM). The adaptive, hybrid semantic service matchmaker iSeM 1.0 for OWL-S and SAWSDL is implemented in Java for the local semantic environment of ISReal user agents; also available as stand-alone tool.
  • ISReal User Agent. The BDI agent is modelled in PIM4Agents, implemented in JACK and JADE, maintains its own local semantic environment and performs hybrid planning to achieve its tasks in the virtual environment, that is BDI planning coupled with semantic service composition planning.
  • Real-time raytracer RTfact for RTSG1 and VR system Ligthning. RTFact has been integrated into RTSG-1 and the VR runtime software Lightning. The integration allows to use real-time raytracing within virtual reality applications.
  • Service-Oriented Rendering Architecture (SORA). SORA is the current rendering back-end for RTSG-1. It enables the distribution of rendering on many-core hardware and computing clusters.
  • Xait-Server for Xaitment AI-engine in VR System Lightning. The Xait-Server integrates the commercially available Xaitment AI-engine into our immersive VR test environment with virtual humans (avatars) for VR applications.
  • Multi-touch interaction module. The multi-touch interaction module is a stand alone client-server implementation based on the open source software TouchLib  that can be connected to arbitrary VR systems.
  • VR application IMViewer. The VR-application IMViewer is based on the VR runtime software Lightning and integrates real-time raytracing, Xait-Server, SORA and the multi-touch interaction module into one VR application.
  • Cinema-4D-Plugin. Software for exporting the scene and shaders into XML3D.
  • AnySL. Portable representation format for programmable shaders and compiler technology to efficiently map arbitrary shading languages into AnySL and the resulting shaders into high-performance code to be run in many different rendering systems.  

In case of interest in any of the above ISReal software components please do not hesitate to contact us.          


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