günter neumann

Summer semster, 2018

I am offering this summer semester a seminar about Current Topics in Information Extraction and Question Answering.

April, 2018

New projects at start 2018 about Question&Answering and Deep Learning funded by BMBF and Nuance ! More information is comming soon!

June, 2017

Follow our new project iRead: personalised reading apps for primary school children from ResearchGate and enjoy !

March, 2016

Our newest work "Context-Aware Semantic Classification of Search Queries for Browsing Community Question-Answering Archives" has been published in Knowledge-Based Systems. You can retrieve a copy until March, 25th, from here.

We induce semantic classes of search queries (e.g., “rib pain after ovulation” and “iron oxide household”) by means of contextual information of search sessions. We present Big Data stidies on the basis of an automatically built corpus where we integrate Yahoo! Search query logs with Yahoo! Answers pages.

November, 2015

We have participated in the new TREC 2015 Live Question Answering track (LiveQA). The goal was to automatically answer questions from actual web users of Yahoo Answers in real-time and real-life, i.e., these are fresh new questions basically about anything and the candidate answers cannot easily be retrieved from some ready-made storage or so. For more information see this short post about the competition on the official Yahoo Labs tumblr blog and the official Trec Live QA web page.

September, 2015

New data set about "Customer Interaction Data of German Emails and Online Requests" available from here. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

August, 2014

NLG Idol Papers award for our Coling 1992 paper about "Self-Monitoring with Reversible Grammars" presented by Michael White at the 8th International Natural Language Generation Conference (INLG-14), Philadelphia, PA, USA 19.June – 21.June.

July, 2014

A new release EOP 1.1.3 of the Excitement Open Platform for Entailment is available !

June, 2014

Our newest work on Category-specific Models for Ranking Effective Paraphrases in Community Question Answering appears in Journal Expert Systems with Applications and is now online on Science Direct. We present experiments with Big Data from Yahoo! Answers and Yahoo! Search logs and conduct experiments on fine-grained question categories from Yahoo! Answers.

Before June, 2012

We have manually translated parts of the RTE-3 development data from English to German. You can download the data from here.

I am proud to announce that the new EC funded project "EXCITEMENT: EXploring Customer Interactions through Textual EntailMENT" has been launched. Get more information from the official EC project Web page and from here !