Research Group, Daniel Sonntag, DFKI

CPS for Smart Factories and ERICS (Horizon 2020)


Michael Barz (QA infrastructure, chatbot, interactive machine learning), Jan Zacharias (server infrastructure, deep learning)

Peter Poller (semantic wiki infrastructure), Christian Hauck (sensor network infrastructure)

Dmitri Valeri Panfilenko (semantic wiki, semantic business modelling),  Markus Weber (knowledge acquisition, digital pen framework),

Simon Bergweiler (product memories, semantic web services)

assistant researchers: Vahid Rahmani (NLP, crowd-based machine translation), Sven Stauden (search target inference)

Marimuthu Kalimuthu (neural NLP),  Nikolai Zhukov (process modelling)

Gelin Jiofack Nguedong (semantic wiki infrastructure, NAO robot), Lukas Löhle (semantic product memories), Praveen Tirupattur (case based reasoning)

Interakt (BMBF)


Alexander Prange (overall infrastructure, smartpen input, multimodal interaction, virtual reality),

Jan Zacharias (server infrastructure, interactive machine learning)

assistant researchers: Nikolaj Woroschilow (interaction design), Margarita Chikobava (dialogue system),

Mira Niemann (sensor board, multisensor interaction), Sandra Sukarieh (smartpen interfaces),

Haoting Liang (pen stroke analysis), Fei Chen (Unity 3D), Henrik Bergmann (Unity 3D, tablet interfaces)

Clinical Data Intelligence (BMWi)


Hans-Jürgen Profitich (facetted search, information extraction, DFKI Transfer Center),

Dmitri Valeri Panfilenko (medical guidelines),

Andreas Luxenburger (information extraction, text and image analysis),

Tigran Mkrtchyan (facetted search, information extraction)

designers: Maritza Cruz (virtual reality, video rendering), Martha Bayer (interaction design), Muriel Serf (graphical design)

assistant researchers: Akansha Bhardwaj (medical guidelines, process networks)

Kognit (BMBF)


Takumi Toyama (eye tracking interfaces and pattern recognition), Indra Praveen Sandrala (multimodal dialogue, object recognition and NAO robot)

guest researchers: Jason Orlosky (Osaka University, advanced visual interfaces), Anita Lilla Verő (ELTE, cognitive modelling)

designers: Martha Bayer (interaction design), Muriel Serf (graphical design), Marina Bollig (video rendering) 

assistant researchers: Kinga Farago (serious game development), Ehsan Nadjaran Toosi (augmented and mixed reality),

Maximilian Köhler (wearable devices)

[before 2014, see finished projects]


Dr. Markus Weber (multimodal sensors, digitalisation, pen interfaces, now Wacom)

Dr. Takumi Toyama (eye tracking interfaces and pattern recognition, now Apple)

Msc. Simon Bergweiler (semantic web services, now DFKI Kaiserslautern)

Msc. Tigran Mkrtchyan (facetted search, information extraction, now Semvox)

Msc. Marina Bollig (video rendering, illustration,  now spreadfilms

Msc. Indra Praveen Sandrala (multimodal dialogue, object recognition and NAO robot)

Bsc. Nikolai Zhukov (process modelling)

Bsc. Aditya Gulati (libface tracker, cogntitive load)

Philip Hell (Oculus Rift)