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2nd European Agent Systems Summer School

EASSS 2000


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Students 150 175 200
Academia 300 350 400
Industry 450 600 700
  *early registration before 14th July
**late registration after 14th July

Some support will be available for PhD students wishing to attend the summer school;
see below for details.

Students are welcome to attend any courses which they can sign up for at arrival; attendance of courses is unlimited but (i) subject to availability, and (ii) subject to possible clashes wrt the time the courses are running.



Some financial support is available for full-time PhD students registered at universities that are members of AgentLink. The application deadline is the 13th of June. This support is intended to cover the cost of registration, student accommodation, and some subsistence. Some additional support to cover travel (to certain limits) may also be provided. Because of restrictions with respect to time, students are obliged to make the travel arrangements on their own and claim for refund on their scholarship after the summer school. However, it is strongly recommended that students get the forms for applying for scholarships and read the conditions under which and to which degree funding is possible, *before* they do any booking. PhD students should apply for this support by writing to:

Gerhard Weiss
Institut fuer Informatik
Technische Universitaet Muenchen
Arcisstrasse 21
D-80290 Muenchen Germany

The application should arrive not later than Tuesday 13th of June 2000.

Each application should contain:

                • full name and full contact details of the student;
                • estimate of travel costs to and from the summer school (students will be expected to use the cheapest reasonable travel available, staying over the Saturday night if necessary to get cheap air travel);
                • a brief description of your PhD research, and a statement of no less than 500 words explaining why you feel you should receive support;
                • a signed letter from your PhD supervisor or head of department, supporting your application and confirming your status as a full time PhD student. This letter should carry the official stamp of your institution.
  August 14-18, 2000 - Saarbrücken Germany