BMB+F Research Project 01-IWO-8001


Modell-Driven Agents for Semantic Web Services 

The project MODEST aims at cross-disciplinary research and development  of innovative means on model-driven agent-based coordination of Semantic Web services with limited  proof-of-concept demonstration. MODEST integrates model-driven software development, service-oriented  architectures, and SemanticWeb service technologies for an innovative approach to platform  independent coordination of Semantic Web services by intelligent agents. It is planned to apply the expected results (e.g. modeling tools)  developed in MODEST for the modeling of collaborative business processes at different sites of Saarstahl  AG. With a longer term perspective one can expect that the results of Modest can be commercialized in the  area of service-oriented architectures.

Research in MODEST is structured into five work packages where the  focus is on the development of a platform independent metamodel for Semantic Web services (WP3). This  metamodel is integrated with an already existing platform independent metamodel for multiagent  systems which, however, will need some modifications to take into account the new requirements (WP2).  The integrated metamodel will be extended with innovative approaches to semantic service matchmaking  to support the integration of existing Semantic Web services at system design time (WP4). The two  prototypical pilot applications in steel production and in eHealthcare are used to demonstrate the  usefulness of the developed approach (WP5).

Project Duration: 1.2.2008 - 31.1.2009

In Collaboration With: Saarstahl AG Völklingen, Swinburne University in Melbourne, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid.

Project Linkage:

  • European FP7 STREP project SHAPE (Semantically-enabled Heterogeneous Service Architecture and Platforms Engineering)
  • European FP7 Integrated project COIN (Enterprise Collaboration and Interoperability)


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