BMB+F Research Project 01-IWO-8001


Modell-Driven Agents for Semantic Web Services 

The following software has been developed during the project period

  • SAWSDL-MX 1.0. Hybrid SAWSDL service matchmaker
  • SAWSDL-MX 2.0. Adaptive hybrid SAWSDL service matchmaker
  • MDSM 1.0. Model-driven semantic service matchmaker
  • SAWSDL-TC 1.0. Service retrieval test collection for SAWSDL services
  • SME2 2.0. Semantic service matchmaker evaluation environment
  • SWSRAT 1.0. Web-based semantic Web service relevance assessment tool
  • DSML4MAS Development Environment (DDE) including
  • PIM4Agents editor for modeling agents in PIM4Agents
  • Model transformations from PIM4Agents to JACK and JADE
  • PIM4SWS metamodel for model-driven design of semantic services in PIM4SWS

Available at: (March 2009)


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