BMB+F Research Project 01-IWO-8001


Modell-Driven Agents for Semantic Web Services 

The main objective of the project Modest is to provide a model-driven engineering tool-supported methodology for the seamless integration of intelligent agents into service-oriented architectures in a constantly changing pervasive environment of Semantic Web services. In consequence, the project’s core operational objectives are:

  • Design of a new methodology and best practices for the model-driven development of platform independent Semantic Web services.
  • Developing new solutions to the integration of agents into service-oriented architectures based on both platform independent metamodels for multiagent systems and Semantic Web services.
  • Design of a model-driven Semantic Web services matchmaker agent that discovers semantic services independent of selected description formats (in model-driven development terms: platforms) like OWL-S (Ontology Web Language for Services), WSML (Web Services Modeling Language) and SAWSDL (Semantic Annotation of WSDL and XML Schemas).
  • New solutions to the hybrid Semantic Web service selection problem with focus on the standard SAWSDL.
  • Test and evaluate the technologies produced in order to identify pros and cons of the technological approach for future extensions and exploitation.

The main expected outcomes of the Modest project include the following three interlinked results that are produced in respective work packages:

  • Platform independent metamodel for multiagent systems that draws upon related work in the project ATHENA. This includes the development of modeling tools for the creation and editing of service-based models by means of relevant technologies such as the Eclipse Modeling Framework and the Graphical Modeling Framework (WP2).
  • Platform independent metamodel for Semantic Web services together with model transformations to selected individual metamodels of Semantic Web service formats (OWL-S, WSML, SAWSDL) that allow to transfer information from one platform to the other. This includes the development of appropriate modeling tools by means of the Eclipse Modeling Framework and the Graphical Modeling Framework (WP3).
  • Hybrid Semantic Web service matchmaker for SAWSDL and experimental evaluation of its proof-of-concept implementation over an initial test collection to be built as well as initial version of a model-driven Semantic Web service matchmaker (WP4).
  • Demonstrator of service metamodeling and matchmaking for selected steel production and eHealthcare use case scenarios (WP5).

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