günter neumann

Current projects

iRead (01.01.2017 - 31.12.2020): personalised reading apps for primary school children, funded by European Union (H2020, No 731724). Homepage: https://iread-project.eu/. Link at Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/project/iRead-personalised-reading-apps-for-primary-school-children.

DEEPLEE (01.10.2017-30.09.2020): Deep Learning for Language Technology End-to-End Applications, funded by BMBF.

PRECISE4Q (01.05.2018-30.04.2022): Personalised Medicine by Predictive Modelling in Stroke for better Quality of Life, funded by EU.

In a number of industrial funded projects we have developed software components in the area of text mining, information extraction, question answering, semantic search, recognizing textual entailment and Deep Learning for semantic parsing for a number of clients, e.g.,

Selected past projects

EXCITEMENT - EXploring Customer Interactions through Textual EntailMENT, funded by European Union (FP7-ICT-2011-7). Links: www.excitement-project.eu, official EC project Web page and http://www.dfki.de/lt/project.

THESEUS ORDO TECHWATCH - Ontologies and Language Technologies for technical watch, funded by BMWI. Homepage: http://www.dfki.de/lt/project and http://www.theseus-programm.de/.

DILIA - The Digital Library Intelligent Assistant, funded by IBB. Homepage: http://dilia.b.dfki.de/.

QALL-ME - Question Answering Learning technologies in a multiLingual and Multimodal Environment, funded by EU. Homepage: http://qallme.fbk.eu/

HYLAP - Hybrid language processing technologies for a personal associative information access and management application, funded by BMBF. Homepage: http://hylap.dfki.de/.

SmartWeb - Mobile Broadband Access to the Semantic Web, funded by BMBF. Homepage: http://www.smartweb-project.org/.

IDEX - Interactive Dynamic Information Extraction, funded by IBB. Homepage: http://www.dfki.de/lt/.

QUETAL - Multilingual Hybrid Question Answering, funded by BMBF. Homepage: http://quetal.dfki.de/.

WHITEBOARD - Multilevel Annotation for Dynamic Free Text Processing, funded by BMBF. Homepage: http://www.dfki.de/lt/.

PARADIME - Intelligent Extraction of Information from On-line Documents, funded by BMBF. Homepage: http://www.dfki.de/lt/.

GETESS - German Text Exploitation and Search System, funded by BMBF. Homepage: http://www.getess.de/.