• Knowledge of one of the following courses: Artificial Intelligence

Requirements for successfull participation in the seminar:

  • Successful oral presentation (seminar talk with ppt slides) of max. 45 minutes in English.
  • Approved seminar report (summary of your seminar talk, min. 10 pages,  10pt, written in English or German). Please use this template for your report.
  • Active participation in the discussions of the seminar. Each talk will be assigned one person (ako “challenger”) from the participants. The challengers are supposed to read the main paper(s) of the talk and then to seek for a clarification of outstanding issues from the presenter right after his/her talk.
  • Regular attendance of the seminar according to the list of attendees which is kept at each seminar date. Absence from the seminar is allowed for maximum of 3 seminar dates (with notification by the absentee within a week after the first absence latest).

All certificates for successfull participation in this seminar are marked.

The deadline for submitting your seminar report to the supervisor of your seminar talk is April 1, 2012


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