Currently available topics of seminar talks are listed below.

Part I: Linked Data

Background material for all topics of this part:

  • Bizer, C.; Heath, T.; Berners-Lee, T.: Linked Data - The Story So Far. Semantic Web and Information Systems, 5(3), 2009.
  • Hartig, O.; Langegger, A.: A Database Perspective on Consuming Linked Data on the Web. Datenbank-Spektrum, 10, Springer, 2010.

Topic: Link-Traversal-Based Search with SPARQL queries over Linked Data (B)

Harth, A.; Hose, K.; Karnstedt, M.; Polleres, A.; Sattler, K.; Umbrich, J.: Data summaries for on-demand queries over linked data. Proc. International Conference on World Wide Web (WWW), 2010.

Topic: Link-Traversal-Based Searching and Ranking of Linked Data (A)

Franz, T.; Staab, S.: Ranking and Clustering Linked Data. Datenbank-Spektrum, 10, Springer, 2010.

Kolda, T.; Bader, B.: The TOPHITS Model for Higher-Order Web Link Analysis. Proc. SIAM Workshop on Link Analysis, 2006.


Part II: Ontologies

Topic:  Granular Ontology Views

  • Calegari, S.; Ciucci, D.: Granular Computing Applied to Ontologies. Approximated Reasoning, 51(4), Elsevier, 2009

Topic:  P2P Ontology Matching

  • Castano, S.; Ferrara, A.; Montanelli, S.: H-MATCH: an Algorithm for Dynamically Matching Ontologies in Peer-based Systems. Proc. 1st International VLDB Workshop, 2003. s.a. H-MATCH


Part III: Semantic Querying With Uncertainty

Topic:  Vague XML Queries 

  • Fazzinga, B.; Flesca, S.; Pugliese, A.:  Retrieving XML Data from Heterogeneous Sources through Vague Querying. ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, 9(2), 2009.
  • Fazzinga, B.; Flesca, S.; Pugliese, A.: Vague Queries on P2P XML Databases. Proc. Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA) Conference, LNCS 4653, Springer, 2007


Part IV: Semantic Services

Topic:  Semantic P2P Service Composition

  • Rao, J.; Kuengas, P.; Matskin, M.: Composition of semantic web services using linear logic theorem proving. Information Systems, 31(4-5), 2006.
  • Kuengas, P.; Matskin, M.: Semantic Web Service Composition through a P2P-Based Multi-Agent Environent. Proc. 4th Intl Workshop on Agents and Peer-to-Peer Computing, LNCS 4118, Springer, 2006.

Topic: Semantic Service-Oriented Business Process Models

  • Weber, I.; Hoffmann, J.; Mendling, J.: Beyond Soundness: On the Verification of Semantic Business Process Models. Distributed and Parallel Databases, 2010.


Part V: Semantic 3D Web

Topic:  Semantic 3D Data Annotation in the 3D Web

  • Pittarello, F.; De Faveri, A.: Semantic Description of 3D Environments: A Proposal Based on Web Standards. Proc. International Web 3D Conference, 2006.
  • Rodriguez-Echavarria, K.; Morris, D.; Arnold, D.: Web-Based Presentation of Semantically Tagged 3D Content for Public Sculptures and Monuments in the UK. Proc. International Web 3D Conference, 2009.
  • Attene, M.; Robbiano, F.; Spagnuolo, M.; Falcidieno, B.: Characterization of 3D Shape Parts for Semantic Annotation. Computer-Aided Design, 41(10), Elsevier, 2009.


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