Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Christian Jilek

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Christian Jilek, Jessica Chwalek, Sven Schwarz, Markus Schröder, Heiko Maus, Andreas Dengel

In: AIS Transactions on Enterprise Systems AIS Transactions on Enterprise Systems, Special Issue: Intentional Forgetting in Organizations and Work Settings. 4 1 Pages 1-15 Gito mbH 5/2019.

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Markus Schröder, Christian Jilek, Andreas Dengel

In: Computing Research Repository eprint Journal (CoRR) abs/1903.05872 Pages 1-5 arXiv 3/2019.

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Managed Forgetting

Sustaining Grass-roots Organizational Memories: Foundations and Methods of Managed Forgetting for Knowledge Workers

Introducing ‘forgetting’ into organizational knowledge management methods and practices promises to help overcome information overload and to ease focusing on and refinding the really important...

Managed Forgetting

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