Research Topics

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

Machine learning systems act independently and give recommendations based on learned knowledge from large amounts of data. When deep neural networks are used in machine learning, this is referred to as deep learning. The basis for such CPU-intensive methods is the combination of special algorithms, a powerful infrastructure and training data.


1-3 October 2021: The SPELL project partners invite you to the Hackathonamring at the Nürburgring.

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In space, autonomous robots are supposed to fulfil diverse tasks. In order to meet the respective requirements, existing systems are strongly…

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For the eighth time, B-Human, the team from the University of Bremen and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), succeeded in…

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Tangible reality - skilful interaction of user hands and fingers with real tools in mixed reality worlds

The goal of the GreifbAR project is to make mixed reality (MR) worlds, including virtual (VR) and augmented reality ("AR"), tangible and graspable by allowing users to interact with real and virtual…

Human-Machine Interaction Modeling for Continuous Improvement of Robot Behavior

The current developments in digitalization, AI-based data processing, and powerful hardware lay the groundwork for

future embodied AI assistants. These intelligent robots must be versatile, adaptive…

Continual learning for visual and multi-modal encoding of human surrounding and behavior

Machine Learning, and in particular Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Deep Learning, has revolutionised Computer Vision in almost all areas. These include topics such as motion estimation, object…

Modular components as Building Blocks for application-specific configurable space robots

For service operations on satellites or the exploration of foreign planets, robotic systems will be of particular interest in the future, as they are relatively inexpensive compared to manned space…

Robot-assisted charging and power management in private and public parking spaces

The ChargePal project aims at the research and practical testing of self-sufficient mobile DC charging robots with integrated high-performance batteries as well as their intelligent network…

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