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Applications & Industry

Successful transfer of knowledge and technology out of the research ecosystem into the industry is one of DFKI's main goals. Over 100 spin-offs with more than 2500 jobs have emerged from the DFKI so far. DFKI has numerous industry cooperations. To ensure transfer, DFKI has established three very successful concepts: Competence Centers, Living Labs and TransferLabs.

Competence Centers

The DFKI Competence Centres combine technological and technical expertise from various research areas. As virtual organisations within the DFKI, they coordinate and bundle research and development activities on specific topics.

Living Labs

The DFKI's Living Labs provide unique research and demonstration platforms for application-oriented research and development. The laboratories simulate real conditions in order to test and evaluate innovative technologies.


The concept of TransferLabs, which has been successfully established at DFKI, involves integrating employees from partner organizations into DFKI's research teams. These partners send employees to DFKI to work in the “ecosystem” of the research departments. In DFKI´s protected data room, concrete solutions and products are designed for the partner and developed closely in line with scientific progress. The direct contact with the AI research scene enhances the expertise of the staff.


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