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Quantum Deep Reinforcement Learning for simple robotic behaviours

Quantum machine learning, in particular quantum deep reinforcement learning (QDRL), has gained tremendous attention in the scientific community in recent years, as promising results for simple tasks…


Qubit-based data representations for classical machine learning and simulations

The QuDa-KI project pursues two scientific goals. The qubit-based representation of (robot-related) data streams, in particular sensors and actuators, is being developed in order to be able to use…


PhysWM - Learning from Causal Physical World Models

The project aims at reducing the sample and model complexity of robot learning algorithms. For that, known physical equations are merged with machine learning models in order to adapt faster to…


INTerpretable monitoring SYStems

The INSYS project is concerned with the interpretability of learned models and the resulting possibilities for self-monitoring of complex robotic systems working with multimodal data. This will be…



QINROS - Quanten computing and quantum machine learning for intelligent and robotic systems

The goal of QINROS, based on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Quantum Computing agenda of the Robotics Working Group and DFKI RIC, is to conceptualize and prototype an application field of quantum…


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