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5G CMM EXPO 2019

| Industry 4.0 | IT Security | Human-Machine Interaction | Sensors & Networks | Intelligent Networks

08 - 10 October, Hannover Exhibition Center. DFKI is partner of this year's 5G CMM Conference.

Ever greater complexity is an unavoidable fact of life in virtually every industry and area of business. Manufacturers are under pressure to meet customer demand for individualized products, greater flexibility and shorter turnaround times while at the same time keeping costs in check. The answer to these challenges is digitization, in all of its many forms, including Industry 4.0 and mass customization. So far so good, but to make this digital transformation of industry a success, the world will need to take the digital integration of devices and machines to a whole new level. The key to this is the new 5G mobile telephony standard. It will open the door to countless new applications. But first things first: there are a lot of challenges to master and questions to answer before engineers and industrial designers can develop the necessary mobile machines, semi-autonomous plants and high-performance networks. That is where the 5G Connected Mobile Machines Expo comes in. Held in Hannover in October 2019, it will bring together over 50 international experts and users from a wide range of industrial backgrounds. It is a platform where product developers and production managers can learn about the latest technological developments for their industries, explore campus networks in detail and examine the security aspects of building 5G networks.