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AI-Space for Intelligent Health Systems: Federation recommends funding of more than 10 million Euros

Good news from the capital: The Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy of Germany (BMWi) has decided to support the funding of a Northern-German competence center for artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine. Hereby, the next step in the selection process of the competition titled „Artificial Intelligence as a Driver of Economically Relevant Ecosystems“ has been taken. Depending on the parliamentary resolution on the federal household, around 10 million Euros will go to Northern Germany. The project was created by the universities of Luebeck, Kiel, Hamburg and Bremen as well as the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). The project "AI-Space for Intelligent Health Systems" (KI-SIGS) is supported by the state governments of Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Bremen.

The winners of the AI innovation competition (Photo: BMWi/Bildkraftwerk)

The concept „AI-Space for Intelligent Health Systems“ (KI-SIGS) aims at addressing the structural change of the economy, labour market and society caused by the digitalisation. The increasing digitalisation in health science, medicine and medical technology is leading to a large number of big, heterogenic, complex and partially unstructured data sets in all areas of life sciences. This data contains great potential for intelligent health systems and adaptive, self-learning AI technologies.

Commenting on the decision of the BMWi to support the funding proposal - depending on the authorization of the federal household - Prof. Dr. Stefan Fischer, Vice President for Transer and Digitalization of the University of Luebeck, comments: "These are great news for the North. Together with the economy, we will bring together artificial intelligence and health technologies on an exchange platform and in specific projects. Both the research and the medical treatment area will profit from this."

Prof. Dr. Christoph Lueth of the research department for Cyber-Physical Systems at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and the University of Bremen adds: "KI-SIGS will advance the application of AI-technologies in the medical sector. This will help the companies in the Northern-German area in raising their competitiveness as well as the universities and research institutes like the DFKI, which then can introduce new interesting projects together with the companies. Thus, KI-SIGS can become a motor for innovation in Northern Germany and beyond. We are looking forward to KI-SIGS!"

Prof. Dr. Claudia Schmidtke, member of the German Federal Parliament and the Health Committee as well as Representative for Patients of the Federal Government, explains the national importance of the project: "We can announce with a healthy self-esteem: The North is one of the top locations for artificial intelligence in the health sector. Excellent universities and clinics, a close connection to practical application in dynamic business clusters and the active political support in the federation and in the partnering states have made this possible. We want to continue this story of success by creating the right frameworks and customized funding programmes in Berlin. And in Luebeck, we solidify our extraordinary competences in health, nutrition and computer science."

The city of Bremen is also happy about the preliminary confirmation of the funding. The Senator for Economy, Labour and Europe Kristina Vogt proclaims: "We are very happy to have won this project with the joint forces of the Northern-German states. AI and health are a useful and future-oriented combination. With the DFKI and the Fraunhofer MEVIS institutes, Bremen already conducts internationally renowned research.

Her colleague, the Senator for Science and Ports Dr. Claudia Schilling, adds: "With our newly won partners, our joint research landscape offers a strong basis in order to expand our role in the AI-based health economy.

Further information on the project AI-Space for Intelligent Health Systems (KI-SIGS) can be found on the homepage.

The Consortium:

  • Leading partner: UniTransferKlinik GmbH, Luebeck Universities: University of Bremen (UB), University of Hamburg (UHH), University of Kiel (CAU), University of Luebeck (UzL)
  • Research institutions: German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence Bremen (DFKI), Fraunhofer MEVIS Bremen (MEVIS)
  • Companies: Cellmatiq (Hamburg), Draeger (Luebeck), Gesundheit Nord (Bremen), Hugo Rost (Kiel), Image Information Systems (Rostock), mbits (Heidelberg), Philips (Hamburg), apoQlar (Hamburg), Soering (Hamburg), Advanced Bionics (Hanover), Stryker (Kiel), szenaris (Bremen)
  • Hospitals: University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH)

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German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI)
Cyber-Physical Systems

Phone: +49 421 218 59830

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