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Data for the food industry of tomorrow

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New standard sets out requirements for developing a business model for a data ecosystem in the food industry.

Becoming more efficient, productive, and sustainable simultaneously – this is the challenge the food industry is facing in light of climate change and a growing global population. Data can help meet it. The new DIN SPEC 91452 standard developed as part of the EVAREST project provides support in this regard. Entitled "Business model development for a data ecosystem in the food industry," the DIN SPEC defines requirements for making economical use of data ecosystems. The standard refers specifically to the food industry but is also universally applicable for diving into the world of data-based business models.

(The full press release is avaible in German only.)



The goal of the EVAREST project is the development and utilization of data products in the food production ecosystem through smart services. On the basis of an open, technical data platform that transcends manufacturer boundaries, as well as accompanying economic and legal utilization concepts, the (legally) secure utilization of data as an economic asset and the provision of user-specific smart services for various stakeholder groups will be made possible.