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Strengthening basic AI research: DFKI establishes laboratory at TU Darmstadt

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The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) is expanding basic AI research with a laboratory at TU Darmstadt. The focus is on Systemic AI, the combination of different AI building blocks into complex, comprehensive AI systems.

© Jürgen Mai / DFKI
Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting, Prof. Dr. Carsten Binnig and Prof. Dr. Jan Peters (from left to right)

“The integration into the DFKI network strengthens research and application of artificial intelligence throughout Hessen," explains Hesse's Science Minister Angela Dorn. "In particular, the close cooperation with the state-funded Hessian Center for Artificial Intelligence (hessian.AI), which involves 13 Hessian universities of all types, will act as a catalyst. I believe that everyone involved will benefit sustainably from this new facility, the scientists and students of TU Darmstadt and the other universities involved in hessian.AI, but also business and society. This is because DFKI cooperates with a large number of national and international companies, thus strengthening the transfer of scientific knowledge.”

The state of Hesse plans to fund the establishment of the new DFKI laboratory with six million euros over the next three years. A corresponding letter of intent was signed at the end of 2021; the first tranche of two million euros has now been approved.

Hessen's Digital Minister Kristina Sinemus comments: “With DFKI, the Hessian AI ecosystem gains an excellent AI player that is visible far beyond Germany. As the state of Hessen, we support the associated cutting-edge research, because we want to make 'AI made in Hessen' a trademark that stands for innovation, responsibility and the future. The fields of action on our AI future agenda include strengthening AI research and AI application. Both areas will be expanded in an outstanding manner via the establishment of the DFKI laboratory. The Hessian AI future agenda shows how responsible 'AI made in Hessen' is to be designed for the benefit of people and how AI potential can be leveraged in Hessen. After all, artificial intelligence can only develop its potential if people have confidence in the development and use of AI. As another important building block for the Hessian AI ecosystem, our Center for Responsible Digitalization ZEVEDI contributes to this important issue.”

“The establishment of the DFKI Lab in Darmstadt is a great success and strengthens the Hessian innovation ecosystem,” said a delighted Tarek Al-Wazir, Minister of Economics. “At the same time, the new DFKI lab is proof of Hessen's existing outstanding expertise and great potential in the field of artificial intelligence. As Germany's leading business-related research institution, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence is already an important partner for the state, for example in the joint development of the data trustee EuroDaT - a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics. We now want to intensify and further expand this successful collaboration.”

Professor Dr. Tanja Brühl, President of TU Darmstadt: “The establishment of a laboratory of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence at TU Darmstadt is a milestone in the establishment of the Darmstadt AI ecosystem, which I am very pleased about. With DFKI, we gain another excellent non-university research institution as an important partner to further expand the comprehensive network at TU Darmstadt. I am convinced that with the proven expertise of the colleagues involved, we will be able to further intensify basic research at DFKI.”

Prof. Dr. Antonio Krüger, Chairman of the DFKI Executive Board: “With the DFKI Laboratory Darmstadt, we are specifically strengthening basic research in the field of machine learning. We are gaining internationally highly renowned colleagues with an excellently networked environment, whose systemic approach fits perfectly with DFKI's holistic AI philosophy. We are looking forward to the new impulses for our shareholders and partners, for academic activities, and in the medium term also for the transfer between basic research and application in industry and society. In synergy with the other DFKI Research Departments, we want to play a major role in shaping the third wave of AI, based on scientific excellence, from Germany and Europe.”

DFKI is establishing three new Research areas with the Darmstadt Lab:

Press contact:

Christian Heyer

Head of Corporate Communications , DFKI Kaiserslautern / Laboratory Darmstadt

Dipl.-Journ. Silke Paradowski

Communication and Media Office , Technische Universität Darmstadt