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EU Commission publishes core requirements for a trusted AI

The EU Commission publishes core requirements for a trustworthy AI, 08.04.2019 - based on the recommendations of the High Level Expert Group, in which DFKI and Prof. Philipp Slusallek have been intensively involved since June 2018.

Philipp Slusallek: "The Guidelines are a very important first step towards defining the core of a European AI strategy. However, much remains to be done to further develop the document and, above all, to make it practical. DFKI is committed to this with a new testing laboratory in which AI systems are to be tested and certified in future. The guidelines and their further development will play an important role there".

Seven essentials for achieving trustworthy AI

Trustworthy AI should respect all applicable laws and regulations, as well as a series of requirements; specific assessment lists aim to help verify the application of each of the key requirements:

  • Human agency and oversight: AI systems should enable equitable societies by supporting human agency and fundamental rights, and not decrease, limit or misguide human autonomy.
  • Robustness and safety: Trustworthy AI requires algorithms to be secure, reliable and robust enough to deal with errors or inconsistencies during all life cycle phases of AI systems.
  • Privacy and data governance: Citizens should have full control over their own data, while data concerning them will not be used to harm or discriminate against them.
  • Transparency: The traceability of AI systems should be ensured.
  • Diversity, non-discrimination and fairness: AI systems should consider the whole range of human abilities, skills and requirements, and ensure accessibility.
  • Societal and environmental well-being: AI systems should be used to enhance positive social change and enhance sustainability and ecological responsibility.
  • Accountability: Mechanisms should be put in place to ensure responsibility and accountability for AI systems and their outcomes.

EU-Press Release 8. April 2019


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