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IDESSAI 2023 – Third Inria-DFKI Summer School on Artificial Intelligence

| Press release

With the European Summer School on Artificial Intelligence (IDESSAI) 2023, Inria and DFKI offer for the third time a joint event for top AI students from Europe and beyond. This year's Summer School of the French National Computer Science Institute and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence is organized in collaboration with the interdisciplinary AI institute 3iA Côte d'Azur and sponsored by the Franco-German University.

For five days, from September 4 to 8, 2023, about 100 PhD students will come together with leading scientists at Inria's Sophia Antipolis site to present their research, discuss with the European scientific community and gain further qualifications. Two tracks - Simulation & AI and AI for Agriculture & Environment - will address sets of topics that are at the forefront of socio-economic issues related to AI and are of high importance to both countries. IDESSAI 2023 is characterized by a strong practical focus, reflected in dedicated courses and the integration of industry practitioners. These measures form a bridge to the application of artificial intelligence in business.

Prof. Dr. Philipp Slusallek, Inria coordinator at DFKI:
"Since 2020, DFKI and Inria have been working closely together in a research collaboration. In addition to extensive bilateral research projects, annual workshops and the joint appearance at the VivaTech trade fair in Paris, the Summer School forms an important pillar of the joint strategic research and innovation agenda. Our collaboration is the largest bilateral cooperation between Germany and France in the field of AI and thus also makes a significant contribution to the development of AI in Europe."

As the driving force behind Franco-German cooperation in the field of AI, Inria and DFKI are linking German and French AI researchers more closely and advancing research for AI that benefits humans and respects fundamental European values.

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Dr. Anselm Blocher

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