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Kick-off for BBDC II

| Knowledge & Business Intelligence | Data Management & Analysis | Intelligent Analytics for Massive Data | Berlin

Located in Smart Data Forum, a kick-off meeting introduced the second funding phase of Berlin Big Data Center (BBDC). After four successful years, the national Competence Center for Big Data receives a complete package of 7.5 million € for three further years. Next to DFKI, the Technical University Berlin, the Zuse Institute Berlin, the Technische Universität Braunschweig and the Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin are partners of BBDC.

The consortium members – part of which are the DFKI research groups “Intelligent Analytics for Mass Data” and “Language Technology” – came together to give a short insight into their research fields. They also presented the research planned within the framework of three working packages. Prof. Volker Markl (IAM/ BBDC) and Prof. Klaus-Robert Müller (TU Berlin/ BBDC) also illustrated the planned close cooperation of BBDC with the new Berlin Center for Machine Learning (BZML). A central research focus of BBDC will be the intertwine of scalable data management and machine learning as a core of Big Data and Data science, as Prof. Markl declared. Prof. Konrad Rieck of TU Braunschweig and Prof. Frederick Klauschen from Charité Berlin are two new principal investigators in BBDC II. Prof. Rieck will engage with the application of methods of machine learning for data security. The most important aspect of responsible data analysis will be enshrined into the concept of BBDC. Prof. Klauschen of Charité Berlin gave insights to new methods of diagnosis in cancer research that can be greatly improved by large datasets.