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MINT Day 2021: DFKI Researchers present the Essentials of Physical Intelligence in Robots

© DFKI, Annemarie Popp
Experiments with a swining pendulum at the DFKI Robotics Innovation Center

On December 8 and 9, 2021, the 3rd MINT Day of the MINTforum Bremen will take place. It is aimed at teachers in the MINT field and interested students of all secondary schools in the state of Bremen.

On Thursday, December 9, starting at 11 a.m., DFKI researchers will report live from the lab at the Robotics Innovation Center in Bremen to demonstrate the essentials of physical intelligence in robots. This includes, for example, reasoning about energy efficiency, mechanical transparency, and an intelligent use of contact with the environment. The researchers will present these basic concepts in several live demonstrations, such as experiments with a swinging pendulum, a spaghetti break test with bilateral telepresence, and the demonstration of dynamic behaviors such as jumping and backflips with a hopping leg.

The online event, that will be held in English, is aimed at MINT advanced courses and students in grades 11 to 13.

For registration and further information visit the MINT Day website

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