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Minister President Malu Dreyer visits DFKI Lab Japan

During her trip to Japan, Minister President Malu Dreyer visited the DFKI Lab Japan at Osaka Metropolitan University. One of the topics presented was how artificial intelligence can improve learning and teaching.

In the plant factory, research is being conducted on the resource-efficient cultivation of food using AI solutions.

Malu Dreyer: "AI can improve our society. The DFKI Lab in Osaka shows how the German-Japanese research partnership works on the basis of a common AI philosophy of using technology to benefit people and society. The partnership produces impressive results on topics relevant to everyday life. In addition, the partnership thrives on cross-cultural encounters."

The future of learning with artificial intelligence

At the DFKI Lab Japan, German and Japanese scientists are jointly researching the potential of AI for digital education and new approaches for interactive teaching and learning technologies. For example, eye trackers are used to track eye movements during reading and to find out when something in texts is not understood. Such research results in applications for modern learning, teaching and reading methods, such as the DFKI spinoff alphaben. "I am convinced that the future of learning also has a great deal to do with using new technology," Dreyer said in Osaka. The technology presented could be used by students themselves to grasp things more quickly.

The prime minister's trip took place under the motto "Resilience and transformation in the face of digitalization, artificial intelligence and climate change".

AI for efficient food production

In the plant factory at OMU, research is being conducted into how AI can ensure resource-efficient production of food crops. Cameras are used to monitor growth and extract the parameters for optimal conditions. From these, the optimal addition of water and minerals can be determined.

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