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New DFKI Spin-Off: AI Transformation Institute

| Press release

Mastering the AI transformation together with the help of specialized training and consulting: since last year at the latest, generative AI has taken the world by storm. Even beyond the current hype, the technology will not disappear. It will lead to disruptive changes in many areas of industry, administration, education, and a wide variety of professions.

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The team (left to right): Conrad Schlenkhoff, Dr. Sven Schmeier, Dr. Philipp Schlenkhoff

According to the research department of the investment bank Goldman Sachs, a quarter of all jobs could be eliminated, and 300 million jobs affected. This will lead to a massive need for training and retraining.

"An AI will not replace you. A person using AI will."

As a spin-off of the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI), the largest, independent AI research centre in the world, the Institute brings the knowledge, experience and the experts that companies and professionals need for a targeted and sound AI transformation.

The main offerings are target-group-specific, practical, and scientifically sound education formats for AI.

Co-founder Dr Sven Schmeier: "In order to use generative AI responsibly and effectively, a basic understanding is necessary. This applies especially to being able to classify the daily new developments and to reduce existing fears. Up-to-date, easy-to-understand knowledge based on research is essential here."

In addition, the AI Transformation Institute supports its customers in the form of individual consulting, ranging from "AI Readiness Workshops" on a strategic level to concrete project implementation.

The company was founded by a team of experts from the fields of technology, education, and industry experience. The founders are Dr. Sven Schmeier, Chief Engineer and Deputy Head of the Speech and Language Technology Lab at DFKI; Conrad Schlenkhoff, CDTM Alumni, ex Oetker Digital & Hubert Burda; and Dr. Philipp Schlenkhoff, former Managing Director of Leybold Didactic and Giance Technologies, the latter also a spin-off from DFKI.

"The enormous need for transformation, for business and society, that generative AI triggers, was clear early on. The fact that this is already the case in corporate practice is shown by the customer projects that were already underway before our official announcement," says Conrad Schlenkhoff.

Co-founder Dr Philipp Schlenkhoff: "Everyone in the AI bubble can classify the current hype. In private, however, I sometimes encounter groundless awe, as if one now had a magic wand, or even some annoyed fear-driven disinterest. Neither is justified. We want to change that. Hence our motto: "Mastering AI transformation together." 

About the AI Transformation Institute: 

The AI Transformation Institute is a training provider that offers courses on generative AI specifically tailored to professional groups. These are, for example, lawyers, managing directors, management consultants, project managers and marketing experts. 

Press contact:

Dr. Philipp Schlenkhoff

AI Transformation Institute